David Bonner 9678 is a musician’s lodge and it is fitting, therefore, that we provide a strong musical approach to the weekend.  This includes the Masonic meeting.

Our meeting will be formed on the lawns of Cole Court where attendees will group before their national flags.  Fanfares will call each group into the Norman Moore Temple, the main lodge room in the building.  Members of David Bonner Lodge and the Middlesex choir will be waiting to greet attendees.  The Worshipful Master will greet all attendees and the minutes of the previous meeting will be approved by those who attended.  This over, the intention is to present English Freemasonry through the songs and music used in our assemblies.

Attendees will hear and hopefully join in the Opening Ode.  They will then hear the Entered Apprentice Song, followed by the Visitors Song, the song to Absent Brethren and then the Master’s Song which is sung to a newly installed Master.  Finally, we will sing the Closing Ode, and the Tyler’s Toast.  We hope that the Norwegian choir and the Middlesex Choir will also each entertain us with a chosen song and there may be other musical events depending on time.  The lodge asks all who attend its meeting to sing as loud as you can!  If you can sing in tune that is even better – and if you can sing with harmony it is the cherry on the cake!

At the conclusion of the entertainment we will ask all who are not members of a recognised Grand Lodge to leave for a short while.  The lodge will be called on and we will present the rough ashlar and flag trophy to the Master of the lodge who will host this event in 2018.  That done we will invite all brethren to unite in a chain of unity and we will present the words which we use to accompany this.  We will then close with an appropriate song.  Brethren may then leave the temple to rejoin our guests for a drinks party before dinner commences.  We are hopeful that brethren will continue to wear their regalia until the call for dinner as we are on Masonic ground.