David Bonner Lodge was consecrated in 1998 and was named after a former Pro Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex. This is a title unique to Middlesex, as the Provincial Grand Master is Prince Michael of Kent – and as a member of the Royal family he designates a Pro Provincial Grand Master to handle the administration of the province. Middlesex is one of the 48 provinces of UGLE in England, with some 200 lodges and approximately 5,000 Freemasons. Middlesex has five centres scattered around the province and David Bonner Lodge meet in the centre at Twickenham, also known as Cole Court. It is close to Twickenham centre – and is just a short walk from the famous Twickenham rugby stadium, the home of English rugby. The intention was to have a lodge composed mainly of musicians and singers and that this would be the Lodge of Music and Harmony for Middlesex. As a result it operates in a different way to most other lodges. With the exception of the installation meeting when the members entertain themselves with music and song, all its meetings are ‘white tables’. This means that the lodge meets before lunch on a Saturday, conducts its routine business and then members join their wives, family and friends for a one hour concert followed by a lunch. Over the years the lodge has had a varied entertainment – singers, choirs, jazz bands, brass bands, harpists, woodwind ensembles, harmonica, ukulele duets, barber shop quartets, organists, flautists and even a ladies’ barber shop choir. The lodge has provided most of the male members of the Middlesex Masonicchoir who perform regularly at homes and at the annual Catherdral service.