150 London Road
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Cole Court is an Old English house that was converted into a Hotel back in the 1940s

At that time there was a war going on and it was used by the Americans as a place of refuge and on many occasion the large Temple that we now hold Weddings in was used as a Dance Hall.

The Freemasons of Middlesex privately own the building and land surrounding it, it is used Monday to Saturday by all the members as their Club and Meeting place to introduce New and Old Members the teachings of Freemasonry.

Today Cole Court is used for many Occasions, Weddings, Parties, Conferences, an English School and on the corporate entertainment side we play host to the huge London Irish village during the busy rugby season .  It is open from 9am to 11pm Monday through to Saturday and sometimes Open on a Sunday for other Special Occasions or one of its Famous Carveries.  It is a convenient location,  central and accessible for cars, buses and Twickenham Train Station which is a five minute walk away.

The large garden and Car Park make it all the easier for guests to make themselves at home, relax and enjoy themselves.

Cole Court houses three lodge rooms with separate dining for each.  We will be in the Norman Moore temple – the largest – and we will occupy most of the lower ground floor area and the outside lawn area (weather permitting) … but you are welcome to have a look around at the other temples while there if they are not in use.